Exploring space: Spaghetti bench and other works

by Pablo Reinoso. Photos: Juan Tronquoy. Working in Paris since 1979 Argentinian born artist Pablo Reinoso has been exploring the idea that timber, or lumber as Americans call wood sawn into standard-sized pieces, came from a real tree. A living thing that once grew wilfully, responding of its own accord to its environment by following […]

Flow. An installation of broken windscreens

by Babtistte Debombourg Photo credits: l’Œil de Poisson – Québec 2013. In our Western society, where obsolescence is planned, a trajectory is assumed that leads inexorably to broken and discarded trinkets that once had value. Such naked consumption threatens to consume us, whoever “us” might be. At least, that is a flabby strand of thinking […]

Monumental Swirling Head Sculptures

Spanish artist Manolo Valdés is currently showing some beautifully impressive sculptures at The New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. Opened just last month and running until May 26, 2013, the exhibition, titled Manolo Valdés: Monumental Sculpture, includes seven bronze, steel and aluminum sculptures ranging in size from well over 17 feet tall to more […]

A Little Peek Into Gio Ponti’s Vast Oeuvre

One wouldn’t guess it from the thin Wikipedia entry devoted to him, but Gio Ponti was one of the most influential and prolific designers in postwar Italy, helping to establish the nation’s legacy as a design powerhouse. During his lifetime (he died in 1979 at 87), the maestro worked as an architect (building in 13 […]

Leif.designpark for De La Espada

Leif.designpark is a Tokyo-based design studio with a collection of playful furniture manufactured by De La Espada. While the firm stays busy in all areas of design, their line of furniture is all about modern designs rooted in traditional craftsmanship. Their emphasis on wood and other natural materials, as well as high quality production, makes […]

Your Weekly Retreat: How To Relax & Eliminate Stress at Home

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Most Buzzed Designs of August 2012

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Loop shower system to unfurl an emotional, multisensory experience

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